In the Nicoya Peninsula area, you will find comfortable spots to catch up on your reading, have a good rest on the hammocks between surf sessions and breathtaking sunsets.

The area is blessed with many beaches where you can go barefoot from your lodging to the Pacific Ocean. 

At the moment, we are concentrating our energy in the development of the “Agro Ecological Education Center” therefore, we are happy to recommend to you a seleccion of lodging options between our friends who are responsible and committed to environmental conservation and community.  

We are flexible and can recommend to you alternatives and help to organize everything related to logistics, lodging, tours, and anything else you may need assistance with during your stay in Costa Rica.

At the moment, we require a short interview to better understand if the guest will fit our profile. So, we kindly ask you that if you find it proper, send us an email so we can know your preferences.

For this assistance, we ask you to collaborate in one of the beach cleaning activities organized by our communities or do your own experience while enjoying the beaches and bring 1 kg of clean micro plastic to our head office at Santa Teresa to be recycled.   

We thank you for your interest and support to Casa Pampa.  We are a social organization that dedicates its activities to the development of sustainable projects in the community.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask :)