Increasing Environmental Awareness by volunteering at Casa Pampa

When I've started my travel through Costa Rica, I wanted to find places where I could learn more about how to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce my footprint.

I've decided to become a volunteer in Casa Pampa because I've read on the website worldpacker that they were developing some projects about sustainable tourism, environmental awareness and organic agriculture. We are several volunteers from all over the world working in Casa Pampa.

It's beautiful to work surounding by people who you shared some interests with and it's funny and really interessting to be with people who have different cultures. The atmosphere was really good and I learnt a lot from the other volunteers!

I think this experience in Casa Pampa helped me to be more aware about what I'm comsuming every day and what I'm throwing away. I've learnt how to solve that thanks to simple solutions that you can bring into your daily life.

I recommend this experience to everybody who wants to learn how to be more responsible and respectful with the environment.

It's a beautiful experience to do something good for the planet, meet people from all over the world and discover amazing landscapes and beaches around Santa Teresa!