“Compost para todos”

“Compost para todos”

Viernes 22 de Junio 2018 10 AM. Hotel Flor Blanca

Es una oportunidad de conocer el manejo del compost y cómo usarlo

Actividad gratuita

Se sorteara una Compostera entre los participantes

Para más información : info@casapampa.com

We extend the invitation to all neighbors and business owner of Santa Teresa area to participate, learn and share experiences on how to recycle organic waste in order to be able to grow healthy food free of agrochemicals.

For info send us an email to : info@casapampa.com




- Casa Pampa se une a la red global de miembros líderes para erradicar los desperdicios de alimentos mediante “SAVE FOOD” de la FAO -


La FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) es la agencia de las Naciones Unidas que
lidera el esfuerzo internacional para poner fin al hambre. Su objetivo es lograr la
seguridad alimentaria para todos, y al mismo tiempo garantizar el acceso regular a
alimentos suficientes y de buena calidad para llevar una vida activa y sana.

Con más de 194 Estados miembros, la FAO trabaja en más de 130 países y consolida el
proyecto “SAVE FOOD” con el objetivo de reducir la pérdida de alimentos y promover un
diálogo esperanzador entre la industria, la investigación, la política y la sociedad civil
sobre este tema. Con el plan de SAVE FOOD la FAO busca aumentar la sensibilización
pública sobre el impacto del desperdicio de alimentos, y desarrolla una plataforma para
intercambiar experiencias y construir un centro global de excelencia basado en el trabajo
y las prácticas de los profesionales que se concentran en la reducción de pérdidas

En la primera presentación de la iniciativa “SAVE FOOD” en 2011, Werner M.
Dornscheidt (Presidente y Director Ejecutivo de Messe Düsseldorf GmbH) explicó:
"Nuestro objetivo es que se tiren menos alimentos en los países industrializados y que
los consumidores de estos países planifiquen sus compras con atención. Pero, todavía
más importante, queremos aumentar la sensibilización a nivel industrial sobre las
pérdidas de alimentos, un tema prioritario para el futuro."

Casa Pampa, conociendo la misión y objetivos de SAVE FOOD, se compromete y une a
la red de miembros a nivel mundial para ser más eficientes en nuestra lucha contra las
pérdidas de alimentos en todo el mundo. Es para Casa Pampa un honor poder compartir
estos pilares y trabajar con nuestro proyecto “WASTE FOR FOOD”, en la península de
Nicoya, Costa Rica, que concuerda con la visión e ideología de “SAVE FOOD”.
El proyecto local “Waste for Food” comenzó en 2014 como un proyecto personal de Casa
Pampa para ayudar a desarrollar la comunidad de Santa Teresa. Inicialmente, el
proyecto recolectaría desechos orgánicos de varios mercados y restaurantes cercanos
para el compostaje. El proyecto creció y nació el programa de voluntariado de Casa
Pampa. Después de una cuidadosa consideración, vimos el impacto positivo que este
proyecto podría tener en toda la comunidad y decidimos tomar medidas. Esto nos
permitió tomar la decisión de enfocarnos en difundir y llevar nuestro mensaje al gobierno
y a otros funcionarios. Actualmente, estamos trabajando en conjunto con grupos clave
como la Cámara de Turismo de Malpais-Santa Teresa, la Asociación Probienstar, así
como las ONG ambientales locales.

Como defensores y simpatizantes a los proyectos y planes de desarrollo ambiental,
basados en el concepto de asociación y colaboración, Casa Pampa reconoce que la
cooperación y esfuerzo de todos los miembros del proyecto, voluntarios y organizaciones
importantes es más que necesaria. Con la labor del emprendimiento social sostenible
en la comunidad de Santa Teresa, Casa Pampa se compromete a participar y ser
productores de un cambio ambiental para todos. Trabajamos como colaboradores para
el desarrollo de comunidades y sociedades consientes de la problemática de los
desechos y desperdicios de comida, compartiremos junto a “SAVE FOOD” nuestras
experiencias y métodos de trabajo para lograr un mayor progreso para todos.

Todos podemos desempeñar un papel importante en la erradicacióndel hambre.







- Casa Pampa joins the global network of leading members to eradicate food waste through "SAVE FOOD" of FAO –


FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) is the United Nations agency that leads the
international effort to end hunger. Its objective is to achieve food security for all, and at
the same time guarantee regular access to sufficient and good quality food to lead an
active and healthy life.

With more than 194-member states, FAO works around 130 countries and consolidates
the "SAVE FOOD" project with the objective of reducing the loss of food and promoting a
hopeful dialogue between industry, research, politics and civil society about these
important topics. The "SAVE FOOD" plan from FAO seeks to increase public
awareness of the impact of food waste, and develop a platform to exchange experiences
and build a global center of excellence based on the work and practices of professionals
who focus on the reduction of wasted food.

In the first presentation of the "SAVE FOOD" initiative in 2011, Werner M. Dornscheidt
(President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH) explained: "Our goal is that less food be
thrown away in industrialized countries and that consumers in these countries plan their
purchases carefully, but, even more importantly, we want to raise industrial awareness
of food losses, a priority issue for the future. "
Casa Pampa, studying the mission and objectives of SAVE FOOD, commits and joins the
network of members worldwide to be more efficient in our fight against food losses
throughout the world. Casa Pampa, now is honored to share these pillars and work with

our project "WASTE FOR FOOD", in the Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica, which share the
vision and ideology of "SAVE FOOD".
Our local "Waste for Food" plan began in 2014 as a personal project to help develop the
Santa Teresa community. Initially, the project would collect organic waste from several
markets and nearby restaurants for composting. The project grew, and the Pampa Casa
Volunteer Program was born. After a structured analysis, we saw the positive impact that
this project could have on the entire community and decided to act. This gave us the
chance to focus on spreading and taking our message to the government and other
officials. Currently, we are working together with key groups such as the Malpais-Santa
Teresa Chamber of Tourism, the Probienstar Association, as well as local environmental
As supporters of projects and ecological development plans, based on the concept of
partnership and collaboration, Casa Pampa recognizes that the cooperation and effort
of all the coordinators, volunteers and important organizations is more than necessary.
With the work of sustainable social entrepreneurship in the community of Santa Teresa,
Casa Pampa, is committed to participate and be producers of an ecofriendly change for
all. We work as collaborators for the development of communities and societies aware
of the problem of waste and food waste, we will share with the SAVE FOOD project our
experiences and working methods to achieve greater progress for all.

Everyone can play an important role in the eradication of hunger!



Volunteer Experience: Rodrigo from Brazil


Hi, my name is Rodrigo and I am from Brazil!

I am 25 years old and have been working with IT and Web Developing for around 6 years now, I have experience on game and web development.

The programming world is already challenging by itself and has so much to offer, but I reached a moment in my life that i needed something more, something for myself. I had a lot of ideas about travelling but nothing was like water clear in my mind, it’s pretty hard to take a decision like that when you were a first time traveler like me. After some research in the web and some friends advice I applied to a few places and got an answer from Casa Pampa.

I got a pretty fast response in the social media, and from there the care and attention just increased, it was really amazing the time it was put for answering my questions. Each time we talked I just felt more secure of the decision and to take the next step which was to finally travel.

Being a part of the Project has been pretty cool, I have worked with kids in the school and saw what they do by themselves to help the community which was really amazing, learned a bunch about permaculture and I still feel that it I can learn so much more, and for me to be able to bring my web development and projects experience to use in Casa Pampa has been a great opportunity and seeing it grow had a huge impact on a lot of things i was used to before sharing this much time with people involved on it.

After almost 5 months working with the project and experiencing the permaculture lifestyle, I can say that I have changed a lot of things about myself, each person that I worked with or either met in this city had a different the way I see certain things, but overall I had the time of my life and the positive energy I received from Casa Pampa made everything turn out as smooth and relaxing as it could be.

Adoption of Composting for Restaurants and Hotel Business

Theory & Practical Class Date: Thursday, November 23th | Time: 2 PM| Place: Hotel Flor Blanca

Maximum Capacity: 15 people

If you are willing to attend, please register in advance. We give special thanks to Hotel Flor Blanca for all the support in the development of the activities of the COMPOST CLUB. The invitation remains open for those interested who wish to contribute to the Organization of future events.

The activities are open to the public and free. See you there!!

For more information at info@casapampa.com

Volunteers Interview - Casa Pampa / Santa Teresa July/2017

Permaculture Forum and Organic Horticulture for self sufficiency in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Actividades Compost Club Agosto 2017.

Charla abierta de Permacultura y Huerta Orgánica para autoabastecimiento
Fecha: Jueves 17 Agosto l 3 PM l Lugar: Huerta Liceo Santa Teresa
Capacitación Teórico-Practica

"Adopción del compostaje enfocado en el sector gastronómico y hotelero". Un espacio para compartir experiencias y consejos
Fecha: Jueves 24 de Agosto l Hora:2 PM l
Lugar: Hotel Flor Blanca l Cupo máximo: 15 personas*
*Solicitamos a los interesados inscribirse con anticipación.

Damos un especial agradecimiento al Hotel Flor Blanca por todo el apoyo en el desarrollo de las actividades del COMPOST CLUB.

Queda abierta la invitación para los interesados que desean contribuir en la organización de los futuros eventos.

Las actividades son libres y gratuitas.

Los esperamos!

Activities Compost Club August 2017.

Open Permaculture Forum and Organic Horticulture for self-sufficiency

Date: August 24th | Time: 3 PM | Place:Horticulture site Liceo Santa Teresa

Theory & Practical Class

Adoption of Composting for Restaurants and Hotel Business
Date: Thursday, August 24th | Time: 2 PM| Place: Hotel Flor Blanca | Maximum Capacity: 15 people *

* If you are willing to attend, please register in advance.

We give special thanks to Hotel Flor Blanca for all the support in the development of the activities of the COMPOST CLUB.
The invitation remains open for those interested who wish to contribute to the Organization of future events.

The activities are open to the public and free.

See you there!!