Come for a volunteer experience at Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Through socially responsible travel you are contributing as a responsible consumer to environmental awareness, sustainable tourism and personal growth.

Casa Pampa is a Permaculture Guesthouse just a few steps away from the warm Pacific Ocean at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula close to World famous surf spots and the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

As a diffusion center we practice and spread organic and bio-dynamic agriculture and sustainable living technology, supporting the local producers.

The activities at Casa Pampa involve working in the gardens, occasional eco projects building, environmental learning, participating in the community recycling and beach cleaning programs.

The rest of the free time is yours to enjoy: surfing, fishing, chilling in hammocks or whatever you desire.

Casa Pampa is perfect to spend your vacation time in an eco friendly way.

Basil Santa Teresa Cr.jpg

The Garden is chemical free and uses solar powered lights and low-impact products.

In the garden we grow various tropical plants and herbs, like Aloe Vera that is really useful for sunburns, lemon grass, oregano, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and many others. Also we have some fruit trees like Guayaba, grape fruit and papaya.

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in the community gathering at the Organic market where local producers offer fresh vegetables and others like homemade granola and ice-cream.

The labors at Casa Pampa Permaculture Center may include harvesting, preparing soil for planning, and generally involves about 4 hours per day.

 We suggest checking out our Spanish language courses to make your stay more rewarding—both for you and for the ones you are helping.


  •  Work at Costa Rica´s stunning tropical beaches with local producers alongside a fun and knowledgeable staff.
  • Become skilled at organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits. Practice sustainable tourism. It´s super fun and a eco friendly way to spend your vacation time. 
  •  Enjoy the nearby adventure activities such as Surfing, Fishing, yoga, zip lining and much more.

Skills/Qualifications Needed:

The most important requirement is to bring a positive attitude, be willing to get involved in our Central American culture.

You must love the outdoors and not mind working in any weather, be easy going and be able to work alongside the local community.

Our minimum age requirement 18 years.