Santa Teresa Mal Pais, Costa Rica Turismo Sustentable Casa Pampa Volunteer Program interviews



Thank you Jose Pablo "Jepo" Delgado, president of the Mal Pais Santa Teresa  Chamber of Tourism ,for all your respect & love in order to make a better world. 

CASA PAMPA is a Costa Rican social company , based in Santa Teresa beach oriented to Sustainable Living and Permaculture. 

We feel grateful to connect and co-create with people willing to give the best of their best to build a better, caring, and conscious future for everyone. Come and join us in beach town Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to share your knowledge, learn about community based sustainable development and to spread the word about a new way of interacting with Mother Earth. 

Our volunteering program aims to provide you with an experience where you can work and learn with people from around the world.  Casa Pampa currently runs several projects to support sustainable tourism, organic agriculture and environmental awareness in the region and we would love it if you could help us take those to the next level.

If you want to do something meaningful with your time volunteer with us and make a diference! 

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Your time is the most precious contribution for us!