Volunteer Experience: Rodrigo from Brazil


Hi, my name is Rodrigo and I am from Brazil!

I am 25 years old and have been working with IT and Web Developing for around 6 years now, I have experience on game and web development.

The programming world is already challenging by itself and has so much to offer, but I reached a moment in my life that i needed something more, something for myself. I had a lot of ideas about travelling but nothing was like water clear in my mind, it’s pretty hard to take a decision like that when you were a first time traveler like me. After some research in the web and some friends advice I applied to a few places and got an answer from Casa Pampa.

I got a pretty fast response in the social media, and from there the care and attention just increased, it was really amazing the time it was put for answering my questions. Each time we talked I just felt more secure of the decision and to take the next step which was to finally travel.

Being a part of the Project has been pretty cool, I have worked with kids in the school and saw what they do by themselves to help the community which was really amazing, learned a bunch about permaculture and I still feel that it I can learn so much more, and for me to be able to bring my web development and projects experience to use in Casa Pampa has been a great opportunity and seeing it grow had a huge impact on a lot of things i was used to before sharing this much time with people involved on it.

After almost 5 months working with the project and experiencing the permaculture lifestyle, I can say that I have changed a lot of things about myself, each person that I worked with or either met in this city had a different the way I see certain things, but overall I had the time of my life and the positive energy I received from Casa Pampa made everything turn out as smooth and relaxing as it could be.