CASA PAMPA is a NGO, based in Playa Santa Teresa oriented to Sustainable Living and Permaculture. 

We feel grateful to connect and co-create with people willing to give the best of their best to build a better, caring, and conscious future for everyone. Come and join us in our beach town Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to share your knowledge, learn about community based sustainable development and organic waste management to spread the word about a new way of interacting with Mother Earth.

Our volunteering program aims to provide you with an experience where you can work and learn with people from around the world.  Casa Pampa currently runs several projects to support sustainable tourism, organic agriculture and environmental awareness in the region and we would love it if you could help us take those to the next level.


  • Work at Costa Rica´s stunning tropical beaches with local producers alongside a fun and knowledgeable staff.
  • Become skilled at organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits.
  • Practice sustainable tourism. It´s super fun and a eco friendly way to spend your vacation time.
  • Enjoy the nearby adventure activities such as surfing, fishing, yoga, zip lining and much more
Through socially responsible travel you are contributing as a consumer to environmental awareness, sustainable tourism and personal growth.
Come for a volunteer experience at Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Volunteer´s Tasks

  • We offer you a flexible schedule. The team consisting of volunteers and local partners strives for everyone to be responsible and committed to their work shifts, while giving you the time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, the sandy beaches and natural surroundings.

  • All volunteers will be introduced to our main eco-project called ´Waste for Food’ that includes activities like collecting organic residues from local businesses, soil preparation, composting and planning of the future horticultural cycles.

  • Besides your work on this project and depending on your skills and how long you would like to stay at Casa Pampa you can also give us a hand in the development and diffusion of our other Eco-Projects like our eco-hotel, education program for local school kids or beach-cleaning activities


Skills/Qualifications Needed

The most important requirement is to bring a positive attitude, be willing to get involved in our Central American culture.

You must love the outdoors and not mind working in any weather, be easy going and be able to work alongside the local community.

Our minimum age requirement 18 years.

Depending on your level of experience and skills, and the time of your stay we can offer you different prices for the program and lodging.

Contact us to have more information about the activity schedule. This schedule may vary depending on the volunteer experience, the current projects or even the weather :)


Thank you very much for your interest in our Volunteer Program if you have any question, new Idea or project feel free to write us