Conservation of Maritime Ecosystem/Project Playa Limpia


At Casa Pampa we are committed to reducing waste and finding new and creative ways to utilize existing garbage. The average consumption based lifestyle leaves us with more garbage than we know what to do with, and much of it ends up on our beautiful beaches.

This project offers a solution to this issue. We are committed to doing our best to keep our beaches clean. Visitors to Casa Pampa will be involved with at least one massive beach clean up during their stay. At first glance the beach might appear to be pristine, as Santa Teresa is a gorgeous place, but a closer look will reveal that the beach needs our help!

We realize that collecting trash and removing it is one step of the process, we want to ensure that it does not return. Much of our garbage that is professionally collected actually ends up back in ocean. We want to brake this cycle of endless pollution. The creation of eco bricks is an excellent way to utilize unwanted garbage and at the same time keep our community and beaches clean!

We will start by collecting trash on the beach located just meters from Casa Pampa. The garbage that is collected will then be packed into plastic bottles of various sizes. The compact bottles serve various functions and can be used in many different styles of eco-construction, and are currently being used as construction material to build schools in the in and around Santa Teresa area.

The Eco Brick project is a solution to reduce waste, keep our environment clean and create building blocks for a more environmentally conscious future. It is something we can all easily do in our spare time that directly impacts the community in a very positive way!