Casa Pampa is located at Santa Teresa de Cóbano beach at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. On the main road, in the North side of Santa Teresa-Malpais area.

 For getting here you have quite a few options from San Jose.


 By public transportation:

Is definitely the cheapest way to get to Santa Teresa. There are two direct buses coming from SJO per day, one departs at 6AM and the second one at 2PM. It is a 5hr trip and the Bus Stop is the “Parada San Carlos” in San Jose downtown.

By Shuttle service:

In High season (mid Nov-mid May) the frequency will be twice a day: 6AM and 2PM, in Green Season (mid May-mid Nov) there is just one pick up time during the morning.

With a Private shuttle, you can have the comfort of traveling with a bilingual and private chauffer.


By Driving :

You can have a rental car delivered to the airport or the hotel . If you are planning to drive you have to take into account the ferry schedule from Puntarenas to Paquera and that you have 1.20hour trip of ferry. The price may vary according the season, the type of car and the length of your rental.

By Flight:

There are 2 airlines that you can choose from, the frequency in high season (Nov-Apr) is about 4 times a day and in Green Season (May-Nov) may vary between 3 times and once a day. It is a 20minutes flight and the price per person may vary according to the season.

The flight comes from San Jose (SJO) to the nearest airport: Tambor (TMU), which is an hour trip by car to Santa Teresa. You can be in Casa Pampa in about an hour and a half.

If the flights of the internal airlines don’t suit your schedule you have the option of taking a private charter any time of the day before 5PM. The price may vary according to the plane of choice, availability and number of passengers.

Please take into account that we can always take care of booking any of the options described above but the bus tickets (you have to buy them on the bus stop).