Volunteer - Shaun O'Connor

Hello! My name is Shaun O'Connor.  I am a native of Indiana in the U.S. I have been traveling and surfing in Santa Teresa for the better part of a decade each winter (Costa Rican summer.)  This “summer” I had the great opportunity to volunteer with Casa Pampa in their endeavor to create a thriving organic garden at the local school.

I volunteered with this fantastic non-profit organization by helping with composting, planting, and creating signage for the garden plants.  A few of the signs I hand painted had a beautiful pink colored font. I chose this color both because “pink” is a color of love and because of the fantastic contrast, it holds against the bright green foliage of the garden! '

I had a fantastic time getting my hands dirty in the garden while carefully dropping the sprouted plants into their new homes. Feeling the afternoon Costa Rican sunshine caressing my face while I work makes for a unique gardening experience after a long day of beach-chilling and surfing.  Casa Pampa has great volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in devoting their time to a truly educational and sustainable cause.

Feel free to contact info@casapampa.com for any questions about opportunities and organic gardening. Cheers and happy gardening!