Malpais Santa Teresa Gopro Surfing Carioca Style

Santa Teresa Magic Spots "El Peñon"

Castle in the sand near El Peñon brings a magicl touch.

Casa Pampa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Un castillo de arena cerca de El Peñon.

Surfing Sessions Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Cristal water, good waves and blue sky =)

Riding barrels in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a barrel fest!!

Tube rides are waiting for you. 

Come experience the felling =)  


Surf & SUP Santa Teresa Costa Rica


Santa Teresa Costa Rica

The southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula is a magnet for the international surfing community. In Santa Teresa, Costa Rica you will have waves for everyone all year round. This is one of the reasons why the area is blessed =)

Feel in harmony with nature and the world around you. Go barefoot through the paths of the tropical forest and they will lead you to different surf spots within walking distance. Sandy beaches breaks, rocky points and world class tubular reef barrels, are the variety of wave types to choose from.


It is a paradise for the surfing family as some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica are within just a short ride away!

Experience the adrenaline rush at the moment of catching your first wave. It is a happening  that you will take with you =)

If it is your first time surfing, give it a try, as you will find the water is warm yet refreshing as well as its weather.

Beginners get to enjoy it from the first moment. You will improve easier, faster and you will get the most of your vacations time by taking Surf lessons as you will learn the safety tips, will gain more confidence and will be able to get more fun rides.

Paddle, paddle and stand up!

“In this crowded world the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts”.  John Severson, 1960.

In Santa Teresa, we have waves for everyone!

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#‎CasaPampa‬ at Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

En Santa Teresa encontraras olas para todas las edades.

Casa Pampa , Playa Santa Teresa Costa Rica

SUN BOARD meens you are in your first surf lesson

Playa Santa Teresa Surf Lessons