Fly Fishing

 Fly Fishing in Santa Teresa /Mal pais area is a beautiful sport to enjoy with many different places to visit.

For Fly Fishing anglers there are many tours depending on the level of experience, from kayak fishing to basic casting lessons.

For the big game anglers, Rooster Fish is one of the most challenging species to have around; for sure it will test your equipment to the limit. This pacific trophy is renown for big and long fights like the tarpons on the Caribbean side.


Experience yourself peaceful and balanced while casting to the fish on the reef, then feel the rush of adrenaline as it took your homemade fly that you just finished with the morning coffee.

We also go off the beaten paths looking for Snappers on the fresh water lagoon and big shook on the river mouth.

Ask for special promotions for fly fishing lovers.

Casa Pampa Fishing Team 

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