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Volunteer - Shaun O'Connor

Volunteer - Shaun O'Connor

Hello! My name is Shaun O'Connor.  I am a native of Indiana in the U.S. I have been traveling and surfing in Santa Teresa for the better part of a decade each winter (Costa Rican summer.)  This “summer” I had the great opportunity to volunteer with Casa Pampa in their endeavor to create a thriving organic garden at the local school.

Green Dreamers

Italian, 37, passionate about my Pit bulls, keen on nature and travel, I am always learning and trying to get the most of each experience. My name is Maria and I´ve been volunteering with Casa Pampa for 3 weeks with the project “Santa Teresa Community Garden”.

I left my job as Project Manager to start my personal project: find an alternative way of living, closer to nature with less needs and in a more sustainable way. I was looking for a project in the environment field, and in particular with permaculture. I wanted to contribute to protect the environment, learn how to recycle in a smaller scale as individual, share my thoughts and ideas with people who had the same concerns as me.  

At Casa Pampa I found exactly what I was looking for: open-minded people, passionate about their job and eager to share their knowledge. I had the chance to meet other volunteers, make new friends and learn from their experiences too. Each one of us is here for a reason and sometimes you discover you are here for the same reason.

We work at the horticulture site, the so-called “Santa Teresa Community Garden”. The aim is to create a vegetable garden at disposal of the community, where people can learn to grow vegetables in a sustainable way, by using compost and just nature, without pesticides and in a simpler, more natural way.

This site works also as support of the recycling process. We receive organic waste from restaurants and we use it for making the compost. We also do beach cleaning; we separate what we collect and we give it to recycling centers.

I learn something new every day: how to seed, transplant, how to make the compost at home, what can be recycled and be used for new purposes. Creativity is our guide and everyone is free to express her/himself. I also love our brainstorming time. We just sit together and we chat at the shadow of the garden. We try to figure out how we can improve things and do a better job for the community and it's a very powerful moment, where you feel like one team of superheroes ☺

I am very proud of the results we achieved, even if the path is still long and there is a lot to do. But we don't give up, we are dreamers and warriors and we already work to achieve the next step for a better greener future!

Permaculture Forum and Organic Horticulture for self sufficiency in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Actividades Compost Club Agosto 2017.

Charla abierta de Permacultura y Huerta Orgánica para autoabastecimiento
Fecha: Jueves 17 Agosto l 3 PM l Lugar: Huerta Liceo Santa Teresa
Capacitación Teórico-Practica

"Adopción del compostaje enfocado en el sector gastronómico y hotelero". Un espacio para compartir experiencias y consejos
Fecha: Jueves 24 de Agosto l Hora:2 PM l
Lugar: Hotel Flor Blanca l Cupo máximo: 15 personas*
*Solicitamos a los interesados inscribirse con anticipación.

Damos un especial agradecimiento al Hotel Flor Blanca por todo el apoyo en el desarrollo de las actividades del COMPOST CLUB.

Queda abierta la invitación para los interesados que desean contribuir en la organización de los futuros eventos.

Las actividades son libres y gratuitas.

Los esperamos!

Activities Compost Club August 2017.

Open Permaculture Forum and Organic Horticulture for self-sufficiency

Date: August 24th | Time: 3 PM | Place:Horticulture site Liceo Santa Teresa

Theory & Practical Class

Adoption of Composting for Restaurants and Hotel Business
Date: Thursday, August 24th | Time: 2 PM| Place: Hotel Flor Blanca | Maximum Capacity: 15 people *

* If you are willing to attend, please register in advance.

We give special thanks to Hotel Flor Blanca for all the support in the development of the activities of the COMPOST CLUB.
The invitation remains open for those interested who wish to contribute to the Organization of future events.

The activities are open to the public and free.

See you there!!

Moments at the Organic Market Santa Teresa Malpais Costa Rica

Costa Rica´s Salt Water Crocodiles

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Thank you Jose Pablo "Jepo" Delgado, president of the Mal Pais Santa Teresa  Chamber of Tourism ,for all your respect & love in order to make a better world. 

CASA PAMPA is a Costa Rican social company , based in Santa Teresa beach oriented to Sustainable Living and Permaculture. 

We feel grateful to connect and co-create with people willing to give the best of their best to build a better, caring, and conscious future for everyone. Come and join us in beach town Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to share your knowledge, learn about community based sustainable development and to spread the word about a new way of interacting with Mother Earth. 

Our volunteering program aims to provide you with an experience where you can work and learn with people from around the world.  Casa Pampa currently runs several projects to support sustainable tourism, organic agriculture and environmental awareness in the region and we would love it if you could help us take those to the next level.

If you want to do something meaningful with your time volunteer with us and make a diference! 

Contact us at 

And follow Casa on Pampa Santa Teresa on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Your time is the most precious contribution for us!

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